Beam Falls On Construction Worker

Author: yrlaw/Wed, Oct 16, 2013/Categories: Workplace Accidents

250123p1180EDNmain35worker-hit-by-falling-beamA construction worker in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., was taken to a hospital by emergency officials Wednesday morning after a beam fell on him and then he fell about another 25 feet.

According to an NBC News report from the scene, the man was working at a home construction site at Gordon Road in Fort Lauderdale at the time of the accident. The incident started when a beam at the construction site fell and struck the construction worker. The impact of the beam falling and hitting the worker then caused him to fall 25 feet from where he was situated at the home under construction.

The worker was immediately rushed to a local hospital with severe injuries, according to NBC News. Officials investigating the accident are looking into how the beam fell and why the construction worker was able to fall after being hit by the beam.

We report often on construction site accidents and injuries. Thousands of construction workers are seriously injured or killed every year at the work site. In many cases, safety protocol is often ignored and that increases the chances of workers being injured or killed.

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